A large part of the fort is improved grassland, traditionally grazed by cattle.  The eastern slopes and parts of the northern slopes are unimproved acid grassland where sheep were traditionally over-wintered.  The arable field in the centre of the hillfort has a deep fertile soil and is therefore cultivated. Large areas to the south of the hillfort are no longer grazed and there has been a spread of scrub and young trees around Merrick’s Hill.  The eastern slopes are being changed by the introduction of planted wildflowers. Invasive non-local species are beginning to colonise.

The main aim of ecological management is to reinstate grazing of the western enclosure and southern rampart, halt the colonisation of land to the east by gorse and restrict the planting of wildflowers on the eastern slopes.  The repair of old hedgerows would also be beneficial.

 More Information

Biota field survey (PDF, 1809KB)
Habitat leaflet, grassland (PDF, 245KB)
Habitat leaflet, meres and mosses (PDF, 251KB)
Self guided walk leaflet (PDF, 654KB).