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The Sandstone Ridge Trust is an entirely voluntary organisation and is run by a Board of up to seven Trustees who are responsible for the overall management of the Trust, including its financial accountability, the establishment of strategic direction and monitoring progress.

The work of the Board of Trustees is supported by an unlimited number of invited members who are actively involved in the Trust’s work. To learn more about being a Member – more

Members of the Trust will consist of individuals who have expressed an interest in being involved in the work of the Trust who are over the age of 16 and who have been invited to be a Member by the Trust.

Membership of the Trust will involve attendance at the Annual General Meeting which will:

• Consider the accounts and balance sheets;

• Consider the Trustees’ and Auditor’s reports;

• Elect replacement Trustees;

• Appoint the auditor (or their equivalent).

Members are expected to take an interest in the operation and development of the Trust and to, when requested, take responsibility for specific aspects of the Trust’s work, for example, helping with project work or promoting the work of the Trust.

Members will be help to:

• Maximise public awareness of the Trust.

• Secure active participation and support of the Trust by local people

• Enhance the reputation of the Trust

• Create and maintain links with key audiences and communicate activities

• Develop a strong two-way flow of information between Trustees, Trust members, The Trust and its partners and key audiences

• Identify other potential Members who have experience or skills relevant to the work of the Trust

Our activities are open to all who support the aims and objectives of the Trust.

The operation of the Trust is governed by our Articles of Association. To read the Articles Click here


Our operational area is located along the Mid-Cheshire Sandstone Ridge, between Frodsham and Bickerton, and includes:

•   an area covering 20,000 hectares or 9.5% of Cheshire

•  a population of approximately 34,000 people

•  the pre-eminent landscape feature in Cheshire which has had a significant impact on the cultural, social and environmental history and character of the county

•  extensive heritage interests including:
3 Areas of Special Value for Landscape (ASCVs),
14 Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs – 7 of which are of European importance),
88 Sites of Biological Importance (SBIs),
78 meres and mosses,
28 ancient woodlands,
9 hillforts,
4 Roman Roads,
305 listed buildings,
40 Scheduled Monuments,
87 medieval sites,
20 ancient burial grounds

•  „extensive involvement with, and the support of, all sections of the community, 400 farmers and landowners, 1,000 businesses, 44 Villages and Town and Parish Councils along the Ridge


Ordinance Survey map showing the Ridge Trail

Parishes and wards in our area

Parishes and wards in our area

The ‘Ridge’ is not actually a single unit but a complex landscape of rolling hills and sandstone escarpments, punctuated by areas of lower-lying ground and is recognised as being nationally distinctive.