The site is dominated by semi-natural broadleaf and conifer woodland established on areas that were probably once grazed acid heath and grassland.  An area of broadleaved woodland was planted on the lower slopes some 200 years ago, with a further conifer plantation on the upper slopes some 150 years ago.  There are small areas where the original grass and heath vegetation are evident.  There is interest in the flora of the old walls.  The many paths are a cause for some concern causing disturbance to wildlife and some erosion.

Management should concentrate on creating more open areas in the woodland, controlling the spread of bracken, and maintaining the flight lines for the bats that roost in the entrance buildings.  The visitor management requires a rationalisation of the paths.

 More Information

Biota Field Survey (PDF, 5027 KB)
Habitat leaflet – Meres and Mosses (Peckforton area) (PDF, 251 KB)
Self Guided Walk leaflet (PDF, 625 KB)