Getting Involved


Membership of The Sandstone Ridge Trust


The Habitats and Hillforts project gave The Sandstone Ridge Trust (SRT) an excellent starting point with its list of interested contacts and organisations to work with that had been built up over the four year project. All the people on this list have shown outstanding support and interest in SRT as we know that all of you are passionate about Cheshire’s Sandstone Ridge, whether it be to do with conservation, heritage or both.

Now SRT is set up as a new organisation which is governed in its own right as a charitable company, you also have the opportunity to get more involved if you wish. Following feedback from our first AGM at Manley Village Hall in May 2013, the board decided that its best to keep things as simple as possible by inviting our contacts to formally join as members or simply remain on the email list to receive the latest information about SRT and its projects and activities.


Why join as a member?

Membership is free of charge.

As a member of SRT you will be invited to attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting which will:

•  Consider the annual accounts and balance sheets;
•  Consider the Trustees’ and Auditor’s reports;
•  Take nominations for new Trustees;
•  Elect Trustees on to the Board;
•  Appoint the auditors (or their equivalent) and;
•  have an opportunity to put nominations forward for new Trustees based on knowledge, skills and interests.


All members will be required to renew membership annually.

AND you will receive all the usual updates and invites to events and activities.

Alternatively…You can still join our group to receive regular communications from the Trust in the form of updates, newsletters, invitations to events and training and notifications of opportunities to get involved and support Trust projects.

Join the group:

Contact us to keep in touch by email

Our email in box is checked regularly so please do keep in touch with suggestions or opportunities you know of in the area:

Contact the Coordinator

SRT appointed a Project Coordinator to manage the Ridge Rocks and Springs projects from 2014 to 2016, you can contact him direct on