Local History

Pin-point your parish
We know the Sandstone Ridge is an area rich in history and ecological importance and much of this is well recorded. However, many items are known within the parishes but not to a wider audience. We would like you to email us on thesandstoneridgetrust@yahoo.co.uk with suggestions about things of significance in your parish with a short description (50 words); a link to other sources of information such as booklets, pamphlets, websites; whether the site is on public or private land and the exact location. We are particularly interested in ‘forgotten’ sites which exist in living memories but have been poorly recorded.

We will use the information to pin-pint the maps below. One map will show important heritage sites and the other will be significant ecological sites and habitats. The maps will be a valuable resource and be available via your phone when out. We may even convert them into a guidebook for the Ridge area sometime in the future.

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