Our Vision

The Cheshire Sandstone Ridge is the most prominent landscape feature in Cheshire. Though small in comparison with the neighbouring hills of North Wales and the Peak District, it is significant because it stands right in the middle of the Cheshire Plain. That made it important to past inhabitants who were looking for a safe and fertile environment to make their home. Of particular interest on the ridge are six iron age hill forts and a variety of habitats including woodland, heath and wetland side by side with what is now productive farmland.  

The Sandstone Ridge Trust was formally established in 2011 with the goal of protecting and enhancing the wildlife habitats and historic heritage on and around the Sandstone Ridge, not only building on the work of the Habitats and Hillforts Scheme, but also with the potential to identify new activities and initiatives.  

In so doing, the Sandstone Ridge Trust will be working tirelessly to ensure that both current and future generations of people, both local and more distant, can appreciate, understand and participate in the protection and management of this  important landscape mosaic .