Stepping Stones Grant Scheme 2015

What is it?

The Sandstone Ridge Trust is offering grants of up to £750 to community groups and schools or projects that promote the conservation and enhancement of the landscape and natural beauty of the Cheshire Sandstone Ridge.

 The projects must be for the benefit and enjoyment of all those visiting, living, and working in the area.


The kind of work we fund

1. Wildlife habitat enhancement, such as, pond and wildflower meadow creation, tree and hedgerow planting

2. Improving the understanding of the archaeological, historical and cultural inheritance of the area

3. Raising awareness of the special qualities of the Ridge through interpretation and improved access

4. Advancing the education in the physical and natural environment through training, volunteering, and the development of conservation skills

Applications from private individuals may be eligible if the proposal includes a strong volunteer component.


Usually grants do not exceed 25% or £750, whichever is the greater sum, of the total costs involved. Applicants will be responsible for ensuring, and proving, that the remaining funding is in place. They will also be responsible for obtaining any necessary permissions, and securing the long-term sustainability of the project.


The award of a grant is not automatic and is dependent on the nature of the proposal, available funds, and the discretion of the Sandstone Ridge Trust.


What we won’t fund

 Routine maintenance and repair

 Core project costs and running costs

 Project management or consultants costs

 Works that have already been completed or are underway


This list is not exhaustive and may change from time to time.


How to apply

If you think your project meets our criteria, complete the application form and return to us, together with any supporting information, for example, photographs or historical documentation on the land/asset, which will help your submission to be considered. Copies of estimates or surveyors/architects specifications are essential and should be included.


What happens then?

There will be a waiting period when your application is processed.  Do not commence work during this period, as you will cease to be eligible for grant aid.

The Trust will contact you, and may wish to carry out a site visit about the proposed works and grant application.  After this visit, your application for grant aid will be considered and a letter will inform you of the decision.

 If you are successful, you will be able to start work. You must notify the Trust of the commencement of your project in order that works may be inspected as they progress.  The grant will only be paid on the completion of the project to a satisfactory standard, using the materials and methods specified.  The quality of materials, workmanship and care taken on the work is essential to its success. If changes are to be made, you should notify the Trust at once so that suitable alternatives can be discussed.

Grants must be taken up within 6 months of the date of approval.

Stepping Stones Grant Scheme Application Form

Applications should be submitted to Karen Lawson, email: