The Trustees intend to seek further funding to enable the Trust to proceed with a number of potential VOLUNTEER projects.

Listed below are a number of suggested topics. The Trustees would like to know your preferences as a potential volunteer so please contact us to indicate those that interest you and/or make suggestions or comments:



  • Ancient tree survey – find, record and map all ancient, veteran and notable trees along the Sandstone Ridge.


  • Bees, wasps and ants of the Sandstone Ridge – A Conservation Assessment: –contributing to a project led by Chester Zoo and the World Museum Liverpool.

To include survey, identification and recording along the Sandstone Ridge.


  • Reptiles on the Ridge – life cycle of UK terrestrial reptiles, including identification, habitat requirements and conservation.

         Survey and recording at key sites along the Sandstone Ridge.


  • Yellow-Necked Mouse – small mammal identification, survey and recording in woodlands along the Ridge.


  • Geodiversity – community engagement – raising awareness of conservation issues and benefits.



  •  The Ridge Rocks and Springs project Stage Four to enable field work at sites that have been identified of particular interest. This might be archaeological work at quarries, caves or wells and will be our priority.


  •  The Age of Metals: Bronze Age project exploring prehistoric woodworking and tool use/reconstruction
  • The Conquest of Cheshire -Norman Invasion and occupation/fortification
  • Exploring the medieval hunt -Royal and Noble hunting, forestry and parks
  • Cheshire in Conflict – conflict archaeology and landscape, battlefield and siege site studies and surveys.
  • Forgotten farms – traditional farm-building survey
  • The Medieval church -graffiti and sculpture survey

* All projects will work with relevant partner organisations.




Ridge, Rocks and Springs now recruiting Volunteers

The latest Sandstone Ridge Trust project is now looking for volunteers to get involved in recording, researching and field work.

Training and workshops are available and will be held throughout the area into the Winter of 2014 and will be repeated again in early 2015.

Come along and learn something new, from Hydro- Geology to the Cheshire Historic Environment Records, from quarries to ancient wells and sacred springs.

Contact the project co ordinator direct at srtcoordinator@gmail.com or download and return the Volunteer Registration Form.

volunteer form10.14 with the guidance notes VOLUNTEERING info.


Trustee of the Sandstone Ridge Trust

The Sandstone Ridge Trust are always looking for willing people to get involved.

If you have some spare time, have a project idea, or simply an interest in the Sandstone Ridge, please do get in touch.